A scientist who should probably be running experiments instead of doodling all day.

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more desk doodles! 2013-2014

and as the the ashes burn, burn, burn

An old doodle that’s been floating around my desk since the fall (2013).

Random stuff that’s been on my desk for the past year part 1: An angel that I would doodle on whenever I was bored, and some vampire chick.

The last thing from stats whooooo! Some fairies. I dunno.

fire starter! (from stats)

More stuff from stats class…

3-26-14: POKEMON TRAINERS! I dunno why, they just happened.

3-24-14: noooooo hannibooboo nooooo ;+;

drawn after episode 4. u+u


I am excited for the new movie yq9yh9f8wey98tgeysdi less than a week!!!

Uh yeah so lots of random shit from stats! Including the Stats Monster. It’s scary. and annoying.